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The Artist Athlete Podcast

May 10, 2021

Ooops! Last week's episode was Part 2! Sorry about that y'all!

May 3, 2021

Francisco Cruz went from flipping around with his friends to touring some of the top stages in the world with his friends. While on the surface, his path seems like one of straight forward success, this interview reveals the twists, turns, and trials of an acrobat.  

Apr 26, 2021

If you're an aerialist or pole artist who has ever been injured (or tried to pretend you weren't) this episode is for you! Dr. Simone Muscat is a physical therapist who specifically treats our tiny and extraordinary subset of the population.

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Apr 19, 2021

After studying and working for companies in Montreal, Canada, aerialist Sabine returned to her hometown of Capetown, South Africa during the pandemic. In collaboration with students from Zip-Zap Circus, friends from school, and her father, Sabine created a fabulous made-for-video circus show, called Moya. Check it out...

Apr 12, 2021

Expert rigger Delbert Hall explains everything you need to know to figure out if what you're hanging on is safe.

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This podcast is dedicated to CIRCUS. Aerialist, Shannon McKenna interviews guests from acrobats in Cirque du Soleil to circus...